[ENG] Here comes nothing

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*Hope this is a good try haha. Sorry for the crappy ending, I haven't figured out yet how to end properly in english haha, everything sounds rubbish.

When he woke up this morning, Diablo felt like there were thousand knots in his stomach. It had been a cold night and for the first time in months he missed the presence of a warm body crawling up against him. He would never say it out loud, he was far to proud to do that. Tough there was something missing. Affection, unconditional love, ... He didn't even remember how it felt. And the more he thought about it, the tighter the knots became and when noon arrived he felt like a total wreckage. No more peace of mind, only a never ending storm of thoughts.

So he decided to go to the sea, as he always did when he felt lost. Or happy. Or whatever other mood. The sea was and will always be his home, his safe place. He loved how the waves could be so violent while the water in the distance nearly moved. The rough winds and the cries of the gulls never bored him. And as if it was nothing, as if all the chaos in his head was just a memory, he calmed down. With his eyes shut and his mind focused on.. well, on nothing, he just stood there. Minutes, hours, god may know. Nothing in this world could touch him anymore. This was pure bliss.
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[ENG] Here comes nothing

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