For Tiny <3

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His brown eye was darker as the big stallion watched up in the sky. The moon was nearly invisible thanks to the light of the sun, but Theron could see the burning eye in the sky. Blue Moon.. It was shade time and the big stallion had to keep his herd save. He couldn't let anything happen to anyone. Though his mind was far away. Kayleigh.. She was save, she stood under the protection of Serano now. Nothing could harm her, at least not the shades. For him it was a different story. He, Faerin and Roque had to put their life on the line in order to save everyone.

Avanti was searching for blood with his cold purple eyes. The other shades Ayana, Achilles, Torak, Mitch and who else wanted their part of the fear of this horrible time. For just a second Theron thought about the three stallions Rixan, Alvaro and Aeron, the three without any protection. Aeron didn't matter, he nearly killed Amor once the Beta of rank one. Rixan he didn't know, although he know it was the son of Torak and once shade. Alvaro, that was the one Theron felt sorry for. Alvaro the twin brother of Avanti, a big black beast, also a once shade. But the talk they had. Theron couldn't let him there. Alvaro had good in him. But E'vesdar had banned him too. For the best indeed. And Theron hadn't done a thing about it. The bond between him and E'vesdar was stronger than his feelings for the brother of the devil.

And so he let his feelings go. Letting his head reach the ground. Snow was melting. Soon Foals would ran around and everything would look happy in this devilish paradise. His blind eye lay still while his brown eye looked at the horses of his herd. Some looked up and smiled. Others where talking to each other. But this time his eye didn't fall on a horse misbehaving. It was the sight of a young mere that got his attention. A mere he never saw before. But it was obvious what she wanted.

Slowly he brought his body to move forward. Called Faeron and Roque to let them know where he was going and stepped through the herd. She had something special. And the more Ther looked at her the more he saw her special coat. It was not like anything he ever saw before. "Well hello young beauty." His voice was honest and warm while he smiled at her. He was old for most horses and scares from fights where visible over his whole body. In just a slight second he though what she would think of him..

Happy is the heart that still feels pain
Lonely the one that was left behind~

I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil. I fight for their wives and children,
whose names I heard whispered in their last breaths. I fight for we few who did come home,
only to find a country full of strangers wearing familiar faces!

I fight for my people, impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them,
yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting
I've already done hasn't been for nothing! I fight... because I must."
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awesome mimi!
Thankyou <3

Like a Star @ heaven Find your heaven in this hell.
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For Tiny <3

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