Fathoms of disappearing tricks

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Nothing lives where this monster resides; the lake being black amidst a sparkling ocean. Decaying and growing; alive and sleeping. Slippery creatures disappear, and life falls into tormented decay.

Templed entered his new place, his new herd, his new 'home'. He found himself always between worlds. Never to pick a side, when the world choose either light or dark. Sometimes he found himself annoyed by one and interested in the other but then turn around the next day his ideas turned around. It seem to only matter on the equine and it surprised him how many shorts were out there in this intricate world. There was a name for such equines but he found himself differ from them. His path not dark but he had his moments. Every now and again having to take action and kill or worse. It never bother him, you needed to be on the top of the food chain to survive. Otherwise you would always lose and never get that chance to make something out of yourself. For the moment, the black stallion had no home. He roamed alone and from time to time stopped into lands and offer his services as a killer, and mastermind. He'll take of task and either request to mate with one of the lands mares.

So far, he had been hired to kill, but he hated it. He didn't want this to happen to him but really had no choice.. So he ran away.. and found this area to write a new story, his story.

Templed found himself in his favorite lands to roam. The beach was silent and peaceful. Not to mention he enjoyed watching the sun set and rise. There was also the water. A place he found himself at home with and it was here most personalities could find him if they wanted to.


“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” FAITH
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Fathoms of disappearing tricks

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