Manipulation Maybe?

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BerichtOnderwerp: Manipulation Maybe? vr 24 aug 2012 - 17:06

im new here, and all my other tables dont work here since they are not compatible with pro boards, i wanted to know if somebody who as the time, could make me a quick pretty table and or an image for her, does not have to be of her but if your willing to practice your skills, then it would be generally sweet Smile

Silver eyes
Silver dun
Black mane,tail,stockings,bridling upper legs, nose and dorsal stripe.

shes a hybrid ( mustang, tb , percheron & andalusian ) ( she looks like a kinger mustang with long legs, very developped curves but bulkier, refined head )

coloring ref:§ion=&q=drink+me#/d1r2g3d
breed ref:

of course she looks a bit bigger then that though Smile

if i can do anything in return ask away Smile
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Manipulation Maybe?

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