Memories Don't Last Forever (eng)

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The rain started to fall harder against her back, making the little bits of snow still on the ground slick, and the ground just a mess. The day had cooled off a good bit, but it was still hot, even for winter. Where to start? was the only thing she could think of. Her Ezazel could be anywhere by now, it had been close to 6 months since she had seen him. Only one rumor here or there of a tall white maned stallion from some other horses was all she was going on. The wind had started to pick up, sweeping a few moist leaves on the ground, the trees bending over ever so slightly. She thought about screaming, running frantically yelling his name, but then reason told her not too. So she just let his name slip past her lips.
"Ezazel?" but no one answered.
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Memories Don't Last Forever (eng)

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