just some kind of announcement ♥

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BerichtOnderwerp: just some kind of announcement ♥ za 1 sep 2012 - 14:40

Due to personal reasons, I decided to, at least temporary, quit with all of my horses. Vladimir will be no longer captain of the fighters, as Flight will no longer be Beta-leader of the third rang. For now I have decided I will not finish any of the open topics, but I will keep those of Morrow and Libertad in mind. I am politely asking the management to not to remove any of my horses, because I might rejoin them with time. You can move them to the archive, however. Thank you very much.

I might join a new, small, side, character, but I am really not sure about that yet. Over time some things had really become clear for me, and I think BMH is not challenging enough for me anymore – and just not interesting enough to RP just for fun. This might sound strange to you, but I am RP'ing for many years now, and for BMH, well, I just have seen it all, I guess. I've had many different horses en positions here and I have seen how BMH changed over years. I really think it is a good development to have all these foreign members here, but BMH is somehow lacking … I'm not sure, but I guess it is responsibility. There could be so much more, but it is hard to explain what I am feeling. I would like to mention, however, I am very proud of PerfectPerfection and the work she has always put in this RPG. Without her BMH wouldn't be half the site it is now.

I wish you all a good time, and I hope you will all enjoy your time on BMH (:

Love. Nicky.
Flight, Vladimir, Raaf (Raven), Myou, Mirë, Phantoma
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: just some kind of announcement ♥ za 1 sep 2012 - 16:33

Farewell, NK, I am sad to have gotten to know you better...

Flowers in her eyes . . .
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just some kind of announcement ♥

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