Sheet Theron

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Heey, Sanne heeft een geweldige manip voor me gemaakt en ik zou heel graag een Sheetje er voor hebben <3
Heey, Sanne has made an amazing manipulation for me and I would love to have a sheet of it :3

Watermark: or

Het maakt me niet uit welke kleur er op gaat, zolang die maar zichtbaar is (:
It doesn't matter wich one of the Watermarks goes on it as long as one gets on it xD

Name: Theron Hunter of the West (Theron is ook good) -lol mix engels nederlands-
Text: 'Greatness from small beginnings

Als je ook sheet wil maken voor Kay vind ik ook goed haha
If you want to make sheet for Kayleigh too you can do that haha

love <33

I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil. I fight for their wives and children,
whose names I heard whispered in their last breaths. I fight for we few who did come home,
only to find a country full of strangers wearing familiar faces!

I fight for my people, impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them,
yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting
I've already done hasn't been for nothing! I fight... because I must."
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Sheet Theron

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