Delaney the nameless warrior

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Name || Delaney the Nameless Warrior
Nicknames || Del, little mare
Title || Guardian's Warrior, protector the blue moon
Age || Uncertain, around 12 - 15 years but immortal
Sex || Female
Status || Active

Height  || Around 14.6 hands
Breed || Andalusian mutt
Eyes  || Starry blue
Coat  || Pearl white
Markings  || She has multiple markings over her legs and backhand (almost tiger stripes like) which do not show untill her mood changes or danger is nearby. This also applies to the marking around her eye.
Hooves || Her small hooves are so white that they almost have a silver glow over them.
Mane  || Fading from pearly white to rose colored and extremely long. (dragging over the floor long)
Extra || Delaney wears a rose in her mane which has been given by her first friend. Thanks to her immortality the rose never wilted and is still placed behind her ear.
She also wears a small necklace with a purple gemstone on it around her neck as a reminder of her first daughter who has purple markings and purple eyes.

Delaney has a history of living only for herself. Having multiple foals from multiple stallions and only having raised maybe one or two of them she never thought she would care about anything but herself. Though as soon as she joined the lands of the blue moon everything seemed to change for her. Not only did she find out that multiple ghosts of her past lived in this land but also did she find her first and still only real friend.
She learned how to love herself and others. When the time came she had to choose between herself and everyone she started to love it was no hard choice for her. So she took the shot to immortality and making herself so much more than she was born to be. This ment that she basicly lost everything she was. Al the love she had started to feel for certain people dissapeared and turned in overall love for everything that lives. Every smallest plant and every animal that lived on the fields. Her fear also left her entire body in order to stand up against the darkness that lived in the lands of the blue moon. She became the watcher in the dark. And the protecter of everything living. The Guardians Warrior.

Born and mostly raised on a breeding farm there was no big future ahaid of the small foal. Sure she was a beauty and would make some big money on the market and as soon as she was old enough her first foal was made and born. A little black mare which Delaney only saw for maybe a few minutes before taken away from her as she was taken away from her mother.

The grief burned through her young heart as she knew her life would only consist of carrying love and losing it again and again. So the small chance she saw she took and dissapeared from the human life and her own chains.
Soon she was taken in by a big herd after an extemely long time searching around for something. She was exhausted and tired and did not know what dangers this herd and the entire place held for her. Unknowingly she had already set foot into the land of the blue moon which would later become the land she so desperatly would try to protect from the same being that made her second foal with her.

Feeling used and abused by the huge stallion who spat her out forcing her son away from her she once again choose to hit the road eventually ending up with yet another herd where she found a stallino who up to this day still holds a large piece of her heart. She gained another son with him. One with her build and his coat and she loved the boy so dearly. Her life finally seemed to be everything she had ever wanted. She was happy and home. But once more it seemed like lady luck was not on her side when her son was chosen to fight for his herd and dissapeared. Struck by grief and the intense pain of losing yet another child Delaney did what she had learned herself to do. Run away and force herself to never love another again.

With this thought in mind she got both a son and a daughter in two different small herd acting like she loved the stallions and leaving them only hours after her children were born not daring to watch them grow up and die or leave her again.

She was lonely still searching for the true meaning of her life or some way to die quickly and easily. Ironicly her legs brought her back to that very first land where her first son was born but this time things seemed different. The stallion who was father to her son had chosen a darker path as she was told and her son had completely dissapeared from the land. Scared to search him and find nothing but rejection she accepted the herd once more hoping to find atleast some rest.

This is where she met the first person to ever accept her for who she was. A stallion she would never forget. Her one and ony friend who opened her heart and slowly turn her from cold and selfish into loving and open. Thanks to this open new attitude she met yet yet another stallion. One that wasnt like anyone she had ever met.her stallion. One that wasnt like anyone she had ever met. He showed he cared for her and didnt want her for how she looked but for who she was. And for the first time since long years she felt love again.

Though her love didn't last long and the stallion had to leave her with the hardest choice she ever had to make. In the meantime she had found her second son in these lands the one she had believed had died so many years ago but he was still alive and he was here leading the herd as emperor and she knew she couldn't leave him behind again. So she chose her family over her own happiness.

She was happy. Though her love and her first friend had left the land and she was once more alone. She slowly climed up in the ranks of the herd thanks to her son and her easy talks but she knew she wanted so much more. She wanted to really belong. She wanted to really matter.

It would have been better if she had just kept her mouth shut. If she hadn't spoken and accepted her fate but instead she chose to speak out and in that way catch the attention of the devil himself who in his own desire to break her gave her another daughter. A twisted being she couldn't love more but knew she couldn't protect. Nothing could protect her and the land she would grow up in. Her daughter had no escape and no safety so Delaney did the only thing she thought she could do.

She went to the isle that was famous for her stories. The so called Guardian should live there but for someone who was never granted with luck Del couldn't believe this truth unless she saw it. And saw it she did. The Guardian appeared for her and she begged him for a way to save her youngest daughter and her son who hold the herd in his hooves. For everyone she had started to love and everyone who needed protection. The guardian heard her and gave her the option to become more than she had ever been. To loose everything she had learned to care about in these lands but to gain the power to protect them and every living being. Without second questions and backwards glances she accepted becoming the Guardian's Warrior.

Soon the white mare dissapeared from the memories of the herd horses thinking only of her as someone who had lived and probably died under the fangs of the monsters that ran free during the blue moon. Instead she now lived on the Isle staring out over the lands. Feeling the connection with every living being and once a month she would start moving to protect those that needed her protection and force the beings of the darkness back into their shadows. This would be her life. Forever.

Immortality  ||  Delaney cannot die due to natural circumstances such as sickness or elderdom. During the blue moon she also cannot be killed by murder but any other time of the month she can be killed by murder.
Shapeshifting  ||  As a gift from the Guardian Delaney can change her form into any being that she knows of. This means that she cannot change into animals that are extinct or animals she has never seen before in her life. Once she meets an new animal she can accept his form and change her own into this one.
Organism Connection  ||  Delaney can watch through the eyes of every living being in the land she protects. And only once a being accepts this land as its own can she see through its eyes. (Even though it says eyes she can also watch from trees & plants) However she cannot read the minds of the beings she connects to or make them change their actions. She can't overtake, she can only watch.

Father  ||  Unknown
Mother  ||  Merallis
Siblings  ||  Vysareth & Vaque
Mate   ||  x (old: Chaos, first mate)
Offspring  || Vysareth, Feliciano, Serano, Sokkepoot, Dag, Nyxerinn
Friends  ||  E'vesdar, Roque
Foes  ||  Avanti, Ayana, Achilles, Thriumph & Larethian
Knows  ||  Theron, Dormoir, Serah, Leventian, Skyfall, Reducto, Vestain, Amor III & Faylice

“Though the humans may hate and betray me, I cannot help but love them.”
-King Hiryuu, Akatsuki No Yona

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Welkom op Blue Moon Horses!

Like a Star @ heaven :

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Delaney heeft de kudde verlaten om de Guardian's Warrior te worden

I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil. I fight for their wives and children,
whose names I heard whispered in their last breaths. I fight for we few who did come home,
only to find a country full of strangers wearing familiar faces!

I fight for my people, impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them,
yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting
I've already done hasn't been for nothing! I fight... because I must."
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Delaney the nameless warrior

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