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BerichtOnderwerp: Aitne vr 6 jan 2017 - 13:17

Name: Aitne
Nickname: Ai
Sex: Mare
Age: 6 years old

Breed: Paint
Colour: Grey Tobiano
Manes & Tail: White and Grey
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 1m64
Aitne has a wolve's bite on her right front leg
Aitne is a very well built horse but she doesn't look like the standard paint, she has less robust muscle and is more agile than the most common form of her breed. She has a very thick and voluminous tail but thin and short manes.

Aitne is the type to always smile and laugh stuff away. he loves everything in the world and everything about life itself.

Aitne is always friendly, she smiles at everyone and always tries to become friends with every other horse she meets.

Aitne is a very trustworthy horse, she will always listen and keep secrets, even take them to the grave if she has to.

Aitne is very wise for her age. She was educated by an old and wise mare and taught herself a lot when living alone for two years.

Aitne has had a very normal foalhood. She played a lot with her little friends, took care of the younger ones and looked up to the older ones. Everything went just fine until she started to change colour when she was a little over a year old. Her black spots started to fade and became an odd grey colour which was unique in her herd and as we all know, something that's unique is something odd especially at a young age. She was bullied for a couple of months which caused a serious change in her character. Aitne became sad and depressed before an older mare, named Artemis, explained to her and all the other youngsters that she was just a special version of a normal grey horse. Everything returned back to normal and Aitne started to form a relationship with the older black mare.

By the time she was four years old, Aitne saw Artemis as a second mother. Aitne took care of the old mare, went with her to the waterplaces en always stood by her side while grazing. Artemis had stood by her side when her mother died while giving birth to her little brother, who also died, when Aitne was only one and a half years old. Artemis started to look over her and taught her how the world worked. She taught Aitne everything she had to know and told her that she had to always be happy because sadness didn't make anything better. Artemis gave Aitne a nickname befitting the way she wanted the young mare to live, Ai which means love.

The stories of the scary and ferocious horses started to reach their herd but in the end it wasn't them who ended Aitne perfect little life with her surrogate mother, it was a pack of wolves. On night when the whole herd was asleep a giant pack of wolves came to the plain and started hunting the little herd of horses. Artemis couldn't follow the herd when they started to flee but Aitne refused to leave her side even though the older mare kept begging her to leave her alone. When five wolves decided to attack the black mare Aitne tried to prevent them from getting to her but she only got herself bit in the right front leg. When the ferocious animals got the old mare down she yelled one last time for Ai to run and she did. She forgot where the herd was heading and just choose a direction, the wrong one.

Aitne lived two years on her own in a forest she crossed when running from the wolves, following in Artemis' footsteps. She taught passing herds about het way of living and told youngsters stories of the wise old mare who educated her and they were always happy to listen to the foreigner mare. Apart from socializing with passing herds she also gathered a lot of knowledge while living on her own. She learned how to heal certain wounds and which plants would reduce pain, were poisonous or were good for stilling hunger in the winter. After those two years of solitude, Ai noticed that she missed the life of a herd and started wandering away from her forest.

That's the story of how Ai came to the land of the shades without even remembering the stories of the angry and malicious undead horses.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Aitne vr 6 jan 2017 - 22:05

Welkom op Blue Moon Horses!

Like a Star @ heaven :

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