Leader Rank 4: Reducto

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Names: Reducto
Sex: Stallion
Age: 19 years
Height: 1.79 cm
Status: Leader IV

Parents: Eleneor † x Vivaldi †
Siblings: none
Offspring: Thorin , Spectre
Skyfall | I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.  |  I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years withou knowing you.
Knows: Imagnetrix, Spectre, Black Rain, Skyfall, Thorin, Leventhian, Aethan, Saïra, Larethian, Epona, Triumph, Rixan, Aleera lost soul..., E'rayhon, Shyvana, Diablo, Avareth, Achilles

Reference: Alimarije  / sketch drawing made by the-day-of-shadow @ Deviantart
Coat color: Pure black
Manes:Long weavy and pure black
Eyes: emerald green with some white sparks
Markings: Green diagonal stripes on his face

His appearance is rather large for a friesian, His build is very baroque like and his neck is slightly arched and rather thick and muscled. Although his large appearance he walks with the graciousness of a true friesian and moves his body very precisely. Red has deep emerald green eyes with some white sparks around his iris.

Loyal, sharp, loving, tolerant, cold, mysterious, true leader, honest, loner, brave, strong.

Reducto was the son of a very wealthy and well-established leader(Vivaldi) of the herd in the area of Brympton. The area was named after his great grandparents who where murdered by one of their most loyal companions. After Reducto's mother(Eleneor) died after he was just 1 year old the herd became divided. Some of the horses believed the young stallion had something to do with it. Some say he murdered his own mother because he believed she was a witch... some say reducto's father has murdered his own wife to gain more power and more dignity from the other herd members.

Even though truth was never found out Reducto knew he and his father had nothing to do with this.. He still believed in his father. years passed by and his father became more greedy and arrogant than ever. It was like a sickness that has spread into his mind.. and when sickness thrives.. bad things will happen.

Bad things happend that day. While his father was on a stroll searching for strange things around the borders of the area he and his guards got attacked. Attacked by their own herd members. Chaos and death followed and the young stallion Reducto had to leave the herd for his own good.


The young stallion walked and walked for days untill his legs stopped moving and his body was too exhausted to function. Close to death he felt into the soft grass and sighed heavily as he saw everything go blurred.. Even though his body and mind where weak he somewhat felt safe in this area.. Little did he knew that he had entered Minanter. One of the 5 districts that could be found in the land of the blue moon.

With the little of life he still had in him Reducto opened his eyes and watched the sky and he layed there he felt that energy finally came back in his body and he raised his head. Searching for other horses in the area. That's when he saw the white flowing shade.. She was the most gracious and beautiful creature he had ever seen. She moved herself around like a young deer and Reducto raised himself from the grass. Interested by the creature and who she was he walked up on her. That's when he met his first "love interest" Imagnetrix.

After a few months of deciding and doubting he finally decided to stay in the herd of the blue moon and made his way up to rank 3. He met a lot of other herd members during his journy and he became a lot closer to Imagnetrix. She truely had stolen her heart but she gave it away to someone else. After he found it out it broke his heart completely and he left Blue moon horses.


Months of traveling took place untill he found another area.. this one was more mysterious then the waterfalls of Ferelden, or the high mountains of Minanter.. Cherry oak was it called.

Cherry oak was a place that was filled with demons and monsters that goes beyond your imagination. Vampires, dragons, strange creatures that hide in the dark forest. This area only brought him death and more sadness.. But there was one thing one point in this part of his life that he would never forget: Skyfall. He met the mare at the cliffs of the area she was mad, stubborn and free minded. But also a very breakable and loyal creature. In that time he took advantage of it and had pushed himself on the mare. And after a few months he had to take full responsibility of his actions. When he saw the mare with a small foal. She immediately started raging and dumped the foal with him. he was startled and didn't knew what to do with it .. it followed him around everywhere he would go and after the foal was all grown up Reducto decided there was nothing left in cherry oak for him so he left and so did he left his son which he named Thorin.


Broken and desperate he traveled back to the land he had found his first love. Hoping that he would see her again but he did not. The areas had changed and so did the horses who lived in it.. Death had taken much of the nature and he could see the shades had made many victims. A painful stroke of lighting rushed trough his heart once he saw the bodies lying between the trees. Crushed bodies, many victims... Reducto then knew he had to be here to protect them.. his herd. It was like there was nothing left of that crushed soul who had entered the area just now. He felt the need to help the others as much as he could, he wanted to try to save them, help them, take care of them and make them feel safe even though the shades had almost taken over the place. That would be his duty from now on until his last breath.

To be continued

Name: Imydri
Looks: Large black raven with the same green eyes as Reducto.
Life: Reducto can communicate with him trough his mind. He know what he thinks and the same way around. Reducto sometimes believes he can even see trough his eyes and watch what Imydri sees from the sky.

Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A sleepless malice
as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be.

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Welkom op Blue Moon Horses!

Like a Star @ heaven :

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Leader Rank 4: Reducto

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