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Name Skyfall
Nicknames Sky, soldier girl
Title Rank I
Age 17
Sex female
Status Alive

Height 15,26 hands (155cm)
Eyes Sea green
Coat Multiple shades of brown
Mane Black with lighter stripes
Scars Some on her chest and back

Skyfall is your typical soldier girl. Strong and heard-headed. She does not easily open up to strangers and especially not those who seem to be interested in her. She tries to stay as clear headed as possible. Not letting emotions in to take her over.

Thanks to this she can be really akward around others. Make rude remarks while trying her beat to sound normal or straight up ignore others if she feels like theyre not interesting enough for her.

Sky harbors a deep care and affection for Reducto her mate. She’d jump in front of a monster if it was to safe him or either one of her two children with him. However as example with her first born son, which is a bastard, she’d have no problem with letting him die and rot. This is thanks to her shutting off her sense of whats wrong or right, and just letting the soldier in her take over completely. Everything to protect, save and even serve her commanders.

Born in the eastern parts of the land of Fallen Skies. All Skyfall knew from a young age was dust and sand. She never really saw her father as she was raised with the other foals.. Which happened to be quite a lot. Theron her older brother. Faylice her younger half sister and even Rhaella her niece, sure there were some more there. Sons and daughters of others. But these three wereall the friends she ever even knew. Her father did not care for her. Mome did. They were left to grow untill proven usefull.

Aeron, her uncle, started showing intrest in her from quite a young age. She was fierce, unlike her brother, had a mind of her own and tried to challange the rules of the land. The heir to the head of the family decided to start training her in order to make her his bodyguard. Completely and utterly loyal to him.

For a while Sky accepted this training. That was untill she grew strong enough to manage on her own. She managed to escape knowing she left her sister and brother behind. But she could not survive in a herd as venomous as that one any longer.
Long did she travel. Finding a stallion named Ossyrok and heads over heels fell in love with him. She got a son with the stallion, but disgusted by the mere sight of the foals markinfs. Reminding her too much of her own father and her past she soon left Ossyrok and her son.

Her travels led her to a place called Cherry Oak. This is where she first met him. The feeling Reducto, the strange black stallion with his haunting green eyes, gave her was overwhelming. And way too soon she gained another son with him.

She was still confused and utterly disgusted by her own weakness. She was supposed to be this soldier. This unbreakable force. Instead she let another man have her once more. But he was different than the other one. Her son was different. She couldnt stop feeling all this love for them but still.. still she left them.

He had spoken of another land though. And what had peakes her intrest was that he had spoken the name of her brother, who was supposed to lead a herd in these lands. So she decided to travel to the land of the blue moon. But as she arrived, all she found was the still warm body of her brother and his family grieving over him.

Hate and anger filled her. Her brother had managed to escape but had been killed even after he had found his happiness. So she traveled to the big boss. The emperor to demand her brothers position to atleast try and protect his part of the herd in his name.

What she hadn’t expected to find however was Reducto..

He was the emperor. And he gave her the job..

Sure this was all confusing, but she took the task given to her and protected the land of Orlais in her brothers name. Slowly growing once more closer and closer to the black stallion untill they finally confessed what they felt. Once more they came together and once more Skyfall grew pregnant. But this time it had been right. They gained a daugher. A gorgeous princess both vowed to protect with their lives.

This had also been why she had decided to leave with her daugher and the others, bring her to a saver place together with Red. But after so many days they knew they had to return. And claim their land back. Sky however made a few changes, the first one was to leave her precious princess with her protector Pilgrim. So they’d only return after they knew for sure the shades were gone. The second was to finally let go of her brothers position. Skyfall had never been a real leader. She would start over in rank 1 but promised herself and Red she’d come to him again. This time as a real soldier for peace and light.

As she was born to be

Father Thriumph
Mother Unknown
Siblings Theron & Faylice
Mate Reducto
Offspring Valinor (xOssyrok) Thorin & Spectre (xReducto)
Friends Pilgrim
Foes Avanti, Aeron, Thriumph
Knows Delaney, Morax, Rhaella

I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil. I fight for their wives and children,
whose names I heard whispered in their last breaths. I fight for we few who did come home,
only to find a country full of strangers wearing familiar faces!

I fight for my people, impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them,
yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting
I've already done hasn't been for nothing! I fight... because I must."
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Welkom op Blue Moon Horses!

Like a Star @ heaven :

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