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Name: Pilgrim
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Andalusian x Mustang x Thoroughbred
Age: 6 years
Coat color: Liver chestnut tobiano
Height: 16.2 hh
Eye color: Green
Reference: Click!

[ unpredictable ] [ violent ] [ impulsive ] [ tough ] [ independent ] [ loner ] [ revengeful ] [ unforgiving ] [ ambitious ] [ harsh ] [ hostile ]

Pilgrim wants the most out of life; he loves new experiences and desires to live a life where all of his enemies are killed off, mainly speaking of his father. Pilgrim enjoys the thrill of action and is restless when he is not doing something… even if that is as simple as tearing his enemies’ throats out. He is known for his unpredictable, violent and impulsive behavior; he moves fast, heading off trouble but also getting himself into it.

His emotions ride just beneath the surface but he rarely speaks of them; after a loss, Pilgrim goes off on his own to mourn in private. He expresses many of his feelings through his actions, for both good and evil. Back in the days he was a compassionate, sweet and naïve child who desperately wanted to connect to his parents, even his father. He still shares a close bond with his mother, but hates his father for leaving him and his mother when he was still in his mother’s womb. The one thing that drives Pilgrim forward is the thought of a world free of Vestival. He believes that it is his destiny to kill his much hated father.

Pilgrim often acts impulsively, but can also step back and come up with a plan. He often follows this plan until it goes array or others turn against him, forcing him to revise in the moment. Pilgrim has difficulty anticipating the fall-out of many of his decisions.

Though he lives primarily in the moment, Pilgrim also visualizes things that he wants and pursues them as goals; he wants his father gone and will do anything necessary to achieve that goal, even leaving the ones he loves most behind; and he desires leadership over his father’s herd, believing it is his birthright as Vestival’s firstborn son. Something Pilgrim is also good at is reading people, determining their worth and potential, and either exploiting them or helping them develop their greater potential. He is sometimes able to anticipate the movement of his enemies.


Right from the first second my skin touched the cold ground I have been doomed. Everyone has abandoned me over the years or turned their back on me with the message that I could better throw myself off a cliff rather than continue to exist.

Starting with my father, the bastard who left me and my mother to die from the very moment that I grew as a fertilized egg in my mother’s womb. He left her when he found out that she was pregnant with his child - me. The coward. My mother was broken with grief when he left her. She was never the same after that horrible day. Eleven months after his unannounced departure she delivered me, a strong young colt, but because of her grief she had the intention to leave me and hand me over to Mother Nature. Thankfully, she never did this, because otherwise I would not have been able to tell my story. From the first moment she looked into my piercing green eyes she knew she was going to love me dearly. She made this choice partly because I had mostly inherited her genes and looked like her, only the infernal green eyes originated from my father. Ygritte gave me the name Pilgrim, the stallion that would always be searching.

Living with my mother was not bad, but also not unnecessary luxurious. We lived a solitary existence for most of my childhood, sometimes we crossed paths with acquaintances of my mother, but they never stayed longer than a few days in our company. In the beginning I missed the company of peers to frolic with, but after a while I began to appreciate the silence of the forest and the pleasant voice of my mother. As the months seemed to pass like seconds, and when I entered puberty, I began to turn against my mother. In the early days of my life I had never questioned the absence of my father, but now that my mind began to develop rapidly, I wanted to get answers to these questions. I missed having a father terribly, but that loss subsided quickly after hearing the spiteful stories about him that my mother told me. An all-consuming hatred unleashed in my crushed heart, embezzled my mind and got me to feel an emotion I had never experienced before. Revenge. I wanted to see him suffer like I had seen my mother suffer after he had deserted us, because he simply could not handle the responsibility at the time. The hatred towards my father took me into its power, swallowing the remainder of my childhood. I mentally matured faster than the average foal my age. The innocence and cheerfulness I possessed as an ignorant young colt had disappeared completely. In return, I became cold and hostile toward others. I did not trust anybody anymore, afraid that they too would turn their back on me. The only person I loved back then was my mother.

Despite the resentment, which swallowed up a big part of my life, I grew up to be a handsome, young stallion. Like most yearlings, I left my mother around my first birthday. I traveled through the deep, green forests of my homeland. Life as a vagabond pleased me greatly for a long time, but after a while however, I began to crave the company of conspecifics. When I had passed the age of three, I came across an embittered stallion without emotions. Its brown-white body, blond manes and the two-colored eyes looked very familiar somehow. This stallion was him, my father. There was no doubt, especially after he told me that his name was Vestival. All the anger and hatred that had been absent for the past few months came back to me in the form of a giant, figurative explosion. I wanted to murder him, to make him feel how I had felt after his departure, but the only thing I did was flee. I was on the run from the horrific stallion who was my father. After that one meeting I never saw him again, but the desire for revenge continued to plague me and became even more intense than before.

In the year following the unexpected encounter with my father, I lived like a zombie, completely engulfed by the plans that I made in my head to make him miserable in every way possible. I just wandered around a bit, looking for clues of his existence. I found that one great tip when I entered the lands of the famous herd the Egalise, Vestival’s birthplace. I was even lucky that I met his father, my grandfather, Vester. It turned out that we had much in common, we both harbored an intense hatred against Vestival. According to him, Vestival had murdered his own mother. So, my father was not only a quitter, but on top of that also a killer.

With new clues about his possible whereabouts I exited the Egalise. I left for the lands of the Blue Moon, hoping to put an end to Vestival’s existence forever.

Parents: Vestival x Ygritte
Offspring: None
Friends: Spectre, Skyfall
Knows: None
Relationship: None
Loved: None
Animals/pets: None

“It seems people respond best to displays of violence.”

“The line between what brings us pain and what sustains us is thinner than you’d imagine.”

“Tears are the best friends. They come when everyone has left you behind.”

“Sometimes, there’s honor in revenge.”


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