Right Hand: Ayana

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You're a mere mortal
stuck in a world of immortality


Name: Ayana
Nicknames: ~
Gender: Mare
Age: Immortal
Breed: Akhal Teke mutt
Allegiance: Shade
Rank: Right hand
Kin: Orchid Nirvana (sister)


Ayana, at a distance, would easily be described as an exotic beauty. She has a warm golden buckskin coat with stripes and leopard spots along her neck, back and legs. Her mane and tail are half long with a slight curl, being a very dark brown color. She is of an average height and has a slender built. Her eyes are a beautiful sea green color. Once that would have been all, but a better look up close will reveal the scars along her body. A slight smile will uncover the fangs hiding beneath her lips. Her gaze will lock upon you like a predator eyes its prey.


Ayana is cunning, smart, but mostly dangerous. In a way she is like a cat, as her markings might give away. She is a hunter, one with an immense focus. She is able to stalk her prey without giving her position away and kill with precision. However, she mostly enjoys playing around before landing the final blow. Due to her past she enjoys having control of others, deciding how and when they will die. Being a shade means her emotions have been numbed, so she can only experience part of what a normal horse would be able to feel. Only Avanti has her absolute loyalty, towards others she can be unpredictable and rude. Ayana is proud of what she has become, but does not like to brag about it and prefers some time alone now and then.


I had a destiny when I was born. My older sister, as the first born was the one to take care of the herd, or tribe, as we called it, when our parents were old enough to retire. I however, showed a talent for healing. Oh how ironic, is it not? Me, destined to be the healer of my tribe. But that's how it was. I had to learn how to heal and read the signs of danger nature could send us. I have always been quite a rebel though and teaching me wasn't an easy task. I had a lot more freedom than my sister and I made great use of it. But it wouldn't have been a story worth telling weren't something to happen.

Our lands bordered that of a large herd. One that wasn't as keen on minding their own business as my tribe was. We could have known, given the fact that they had an actual army of sorts. It might have been wise if we had left the place, that is something that crossed my mind in the past. I don't care about the outcome anymore, I quite enjoy where it brought me. However, at the time, it was quite troublesome. They eventually came for us. Not to drive us out or murder us all in our sleep, no. They wanted to offer us a deal, because of their interest in our ways of healing and reading signs of danger. We had only two in our group which mastered these techniques, and why take the old stallion if you could also have the young beauty. The so called king of the herd could not take his eyes off me. The decision of my tribe, my parents? They gave me away. They traded me for their lives. I wasn't worth the risk. It was the day I learned family meant nothing in this world.

He was a monster. It's funny that I describe him this way even though I fit the title myself nowadays. Then again, at the time I was weak, I could still get hurt, I could feel and oh how he loved to torture me for it. Mentally, physically, every time I refused to follow his orders, to tell him about our secrets. I tried to escape many times, but I was alone and he had many steeds following him. One thing kept me going, the fact that he had never managed to break me completely. I grew cold at some point, knowing that I had to numb my senses and my emotions to survive. This seemed to infuriate him more, because it also meant I completely locked away my abilities. One day he attacked me head on and I snapped. I did not kill him, but I don't think he was able to ever drive me from his mind afterwards.

I managed to get away that night. I still don't really know how. The memories are vague. My body just moved on its own, bringing me as far away as possible, until I finally couldn't lift my hooves anymore. They never managed to find me, but I was far too restless to just leave it at that. The hate that had kept me standing while I was there, now drove me to seek revenge. It ignited into a raging fire. No one was safe on my path, I was unpredictable. When needed I would kill to get something done. I didn't feel anything for taking a life, maybe just a sliver of satisfaction because it meant I had power over another being. That was what I secretly longed for. The power to shape my own future and that of those around me. It was then that I first heard of the land of the Blue Moon. As if it knew that I was looking for something that could grant me my sought vengeance. I did not let my anger blind me and I had long realized I could not do anything alone. I wouldn't stand a chance if I was to return. So I went to the land of which I was told housed a group of monsters, feared by all.

The first weeks I observed, to see if it was true what they said about soulless horses wandering the shadows. When I found out they did, I decided to go for it. It was then that I met Avanti. The one that made me to what I am today. The one to whom I owe my loyalty. The one that gave me the power to affect the lives of everyone in the Blue Moon land and take my revenge, but at the same time made it unnecessary to pursue it. And the rest of my story? That's a tale you can ask the poor souls that roam these lands.


Ayana is played and designed by WazBeer.
Art at the top by Ellipsiem on DeviantArt.
Lovely sheet made by Mimi.

"You? You are mere mortals, stuck in a world ruled by immortality" ~ Ayana

DeviantArt ||  Dropping

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Welkom op Blue Moon Horses!

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Right Hand: Ayana

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